As a Christian humanitarian and an MBA student, Stephen writes and shares content for two types of people:

  1. contemplative types interested in inductive Bible study
  2. academics, managers, and leaders focused on building better organizations

Stephen frequently posts meditations for the first audience, and shares his notes on current organizational behavior, leadership, teamwork, and organizational design research and news for the second.


The meditations come from an Adventist perspective, which means they are based on a hope and an understanding that life is short and that every moment matters. Adventists are known for particular emphases on health and education, and in line with those emphases, Stephen spent almost four years living in Thailand and Cambodia, teaching and helping start a vocational training school. He’s led short-term volunteer trips to Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia, and has also toured the United States speaking on North Korean human rights. His passion is church planting and intentional community.

Building Better Organizations

The notes on building better organizations stem from an interest that began nearly a decade ago after hearing Gary Hamel, a management expert and an alumnus of Stephen’s alma mater (Andrews University), speak about “management tax” and the changing shape of organizational structure caused by the knowledge economy. Ever since then, through business school and his time in Asia, he has watched organizations experiment with the ideas he first heard from Hamel. Nearing the end of his MBA, he is searching for PhD programs that will let him research and innovate within this growing field.

Contact Stephen

Stephen enjoys learning from anyone with these shared interests, and is always up for a chat. He aspires to preaching, public speaking, and leading workshops on intentional community and building better organizations. He has presented in Cambodia, Macao, and the United States. If you are looking for a speaker or a workshop facilitator for your community or your team, or you just want to chat, visit the Contact page to make an invitation.